Chat with Tricia Mitchell

I had an amazing chat with Tricia Mitchell – an international model and TV host. She is down to earth and kind. It was great meeting her at the New York Motion Event last year.

My interview with Tricia below:

How long have you been a model?

I have been a fashion model for over ten years. I was discovered in Barbados at a young age and it kind of took off from there.

What interest you in becoming a tv host? What is your show called?

I love talking to people and being myself, and I have always had an interest in journalism. My show is about to go into production so mums the word right now.

What is your favourite place to eat?

Byblos Restaurant in Toronto, you can’t beat the Lamb.

I know you hosted events, are you going to be hosting events in the near future?

I hope so, it’s a lot of fun putting projects together.

Where do you like to travel for vacation?

I love going to Asia, totally fascinated by it. I also love Italy, Mexico and St.Barth.

What is your lifestyle like?

That depends on what I am doing. I am quite social, love going out, and at the same time, nothing beats my onsie, chilling and watching movies.

I know your schedule is tight and how do you manage to get things going?

Good question, I just do what I have to do. I try my best to make a schedule and stick to it.

Have you ever met any of your favourite celebrity?

Yes, Whoopi Goldberg is pretty amazing, and still waiting to meet Beyoncé.

Thank you, Tricia, for the opportunity to interview you!

You can check Tricia Mitchell’s website to know more about her on and you can catch her show on YouTube or Facebook.

Follow Tricia Mitchell on Twitter @triciamitchell_ and tricia_mitchell_ on Instagram.

By: Carolyn Bulsink


My Day With TV Host Dyonne Lewis

Hello Fellas,

Just wanted to mention – I was being interviewed by TV Host Dyonne Lewis regarding to my life story.

She did ask me very interesting questions that I could answer her about my life – what I went through with my life as a multi-talented person and being an hearing impaired. I told her I am so glad that she’s wonderful interviewer and that she’s very patient person. We had an interesting conversation and this went on for hours and I felt like she wanted to know more and more.

Please standby for interview coming up on – very soon!!!


By: Carolyn Bulsink

Television Reviews & Interviews On Television Blue

Hi Fellas,

I just wanted to keep you in the loop of whats going on and I will be writing for Television Blue on television reviews and posting my interviews on there in case if you missed my interviews with stars on here and you can discuss those reviews with us on the forum provided on I will still be writing on Carolyn’s Entertainment Blog as I won’t be leaving you guys out. This is a tremendous move for me because I love writing and improve my writing skills. The title will be Carolyn’s Stars and I’m really excited to keep you updated with whats going on with celebrities characters on the show and this will be so much fun discussing with you!

We will be covering popular shows:

  • Seed
  • Walking Dead
  • Survivors
  • Game Of Throne
  • Interviews on Carolyn’s Stars

Just let us know if there are certain shows you’d like to talk about. Please don’t hesitate to email me at for more information.

By: Carolyn Bulsink


My Interview With Seed Star Carrie Lynn Neales


A certified Yoga Instructor and actress Carrie Lynn Neales, originally from Toronto, Ontario and currently resides in Los Angeles. She has found herself acting in a comedy show called Seed. Seed has been airing since September 2012 and it airs on City at 9pm every Thursday so that you can catch her on TV.


You can see interview with Carrie Lynn below:

Carolyn: When did you discover yourself being an actress?

Carrie Lynn: I think I always knew I wanted to be an actress. I grew up dancing so being on stage felt natural. In public school I was in plays and little talent show skits. But I think it was in high school that I started to realize it could be a career so thats when I knew it was going to be what I did for the rest of my life


Carolyn: What is the first show you ever played?

Carrie Lynn:Professionally? I was Juliet in a production of Romeo and Juliet with The Classical Theatre Project in Toronto.

Carolyn: How do you feel when working on set?

Carrie Lynn: When I’m on set I look at it as an opportunity to play. I love the energy on set. I love how many people and how much time it takes to really nail a scene, the energy of all of those people coming together with one common goal. It’s a place to throw away all of the work you’ve done on the scene and the character, Just play, learn and experience. Feels incredible.

Carolyn: How long have you been working on Seed?

Carrie Lynn: I booked Rose on Seed in September of 2012. We started shooting the first season very soon after that. We’ve shot 2 seasons so far and are in the middle of airing the second season on City at 9pm on Thursdays.

Carolyn: How would you describe your acting style?

Carrie Lynn: I’m not sure that I have an acting style. I do my work, show up, look at the person in the scene with me and play.

Carolyn: Which actor or actress do you really find inspiring and why?

Carrie Lynn: Meryl Streep is the obvious choice for so many reasons. I grew up watching her work. I find her so unique and surprising, even after countless films. I like that she takes chances and takes on roles that challenge her. She has had such a long and incredible career. She also took her time with her career. Slow and steady while keeping her eyes on the prize. I’m sure there are so many others that inspires me. But it has been Meryl for me for as long as I can remember.

Carolyn: So I hear you were nominated a few times for best actress and what show were you nominated for?

Carrie Lynn: I was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award and a Canadian Screen Award, both for leading actress in a comedy and Seed.

Carolyn: What famous stars have you worked with, or want to work with?

Carrie Lynn: At the risk of sounding entirely pretentious I’m going to say it is not about fame for me. I want to work with actors at any stages of their careers who work hard, challenge me, take me on a ride the way I hope to do for them, and enjoy the craft as much as I do. That said, it would be a career highlight to work with Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman.

Carolyn: I understand you are also a yoga instructor ? How do you connect with those people?

Carrie Lynn: I am certified to teach yoga, however time lately hasn’t allowed much of an opportunity to teach anymore. Teaching yoga has been such an enlightening experience for me. To teach anything is, I believe, the greatest path to self-growth. It is in itself is a learning experience like no other. I learned as much from each of my students about the practice of yoga and my own personal journey as I hope they learned from me.

Carolyn: In your spare time, what do you like to do beside acting?

Carrie Lynn: I am an incredibly active person! I need to be physical in some way. I hike every day and practice yoga. I cook a lot. I like to try new recipes and cook for people. I also really enjoy spending time alone writing, reading, or being creative in any way. I love going on road trips with friends and spending time by mountains and water. I have a very small group of close friends and I always enjoy spending time with them.

Once again, you can catch Carrie Lynn on Seed every Thursday On City at 9pm and also you can read more about her at and watch some of her video clips!

By: Carolyn Bulsink


My interview with Actor Brian Brummitt

Brian Brummitt has the talent and pursued into acting and he is inspiration to us. Brian Brummitt has been acting for 5 years and he has been acting for most of his life.  His appearance on TV series are Touched, The Office and How I Met Your Mother and he’s currently working on “Project Hollywood” as a supporting character. 



I decided to interview him through Skype so here is my interview below:

Carolyn: I would like to thank you for allowing me to interview you and it is pleasure to meet you. So What made you want to be an actor? 

Brian: I think from a young age I wanted to dig more deeply into the truth of matters.

Carolyn:  How long have you been acting? 

Brian: I have been acting in L.A for the last five years, although I feel like I’ve been acting most of my life.

Carolyn: Have you ever played in a emotional scene and how do you feel?

Brian: Emotional scenes are challenging because it tests your ability to really make an intense situation become real in a created environment. I found playing characters allowed me to explore humanity in a way creatively that living a more structured lifestyle may not have permitted.

Carolyn: You were in 3 TV series – The Office, Touched and How I met your Mother? is this correct?

Brian: Yes, That is correct and Touched being the most recent.

Carolyn: What scenes did you play in each role?

 Brian: The Office – I was Angela’s boyfriend in Phillis wedding and that was a week long on location shoot.

Touched – Kiefer Sutherland was very cool. He was doing his role and directing the scene. It was my first opportunity to act opposite of a star like that. And it was surreal. The security guard role allowed the scene an objective as Kiefer needed to get into the building with authorization. So he crafts a way to make me think he is there to take a measurement in an office to deliver a painting.

See Brian’s clip on “Touched”

How I met Your Mother – There was some featured bits. One was in the episode “The window”. It was a quick scene where Ted tries to meet this girl who is always in a relationship. And the moment when she becomes single (the window) he tries to meet her at her apartment. And I played a bit where I met him at the door to suggest she is already dating someone else.

Carolyn: This sounds funny so you act you dated her?  

Brian: This is correct. The actress name is Angela Garcia. The set was very welcoming and gracious for a such a small part.

Carolyn: What are the things most interest you in becoming an actor?

Brian: I must say that, I pursued the craft of acting in Los Angeles. There are opportunities to be placed on TV unlike anywhere else in the world. I feel like I am a constant student of the craft.

Carolyn: So you learned the different type of acting? Have you ever acted un a stunt episode?

Brian: I was paid for stunt work on a commercial for Guinness. We played a pretty tough game of basketball and the production company paid for that level of commitment.  I feel like dramatic stuff is more suitable for my personality. Although I recently played a character in a webseries called Project Hollywood. It was a stretch for me to place myself into the role of a Hollywood Producer of questionable moral etheric. But thats the character and the coaches always say “Don’t judge your character, just play them truthful”

That Series shot in 2012 and was brought to the internet in November of 2013. Recently, It was added to LAwebfest which is a film festival for web series in L.A so it will be cool to watch on the big screen.

Carolyn: Are you are a supporting producer?

Brian: I am a supporting character named David Dobson in Project Hollywood.

Carolyn: Where should the audience search your work? 

Brian: The internet. Thats where most everyone’s work is ending up, which is really cool because it allows for so many more opportunities.

Carolyn: What is your dream role on stage?

Brian: On Stage. I like Stanley from street car named Desire. And Matt McConaughey is gaining some really great recognition now too. Great actor.

Carolyn: Do you want to work with Matt McConaughey? 

Brian: I’d love to work with him. His show on true detective with woodt is epic television. On HBO I find myself trying up from the greats. Here is the link to a Q&A with him talking about which acting I found inspiring

To be like that.. To be able to do what he does or any actor who has a mastery of theirt craft is truly a gift. I suspect if those that are reading this want to understand acting it would be a great resource. That is what I’d like to share for anyone wanting to be actors is that you must enjoy the process because the result. The “Movie Star” ambition is a false note in this business. The greats gets there because they love what they do then becomes lucky enough to be placed in an opportunity where people can enjoy the story that comes from it. As my career continue to unfold , I can only try my best to be as honest with myself as I can. To trust in the moment as it is happening and the rest in confidence thats it is enough for the  role I’m playing. A lot of actors starting out to “get it right”. And there is no right.

Carolyn: Thank you for your time and your patience to sit and answer all of my questions. 

By: Carolyn Busink


My Interview With A Celebrity Make-up Artist’s Dee Marcelli

Hello Fellas,
Dee Marcelli is a celebrity Make-up artist and she has been doing this for 20 years and here is the scoop of her career. Please see my interview with Dee Marcelli below:
How long have you been in the cosmetic industry? 
I have been working in industry in one form or another for 20 years. I have been working in television for 15.
And what made you want to be a celebrity make-up artist?
I just enjoy being creative. I started my career in department stores and after working my way up the ladder, (and becoming the National Artist for Christian Dior and Chanel), I wanted to continue to grow and challenge myself. Moving into doing makeup for television was (for me) a natural progression.
 Who has been your favorite celeb client?
I have felt very honored to have worked on some pretty incredible people. Some favorite memories would include working with our First Lady Nancy Reagan, George W. Bush and Sir Paul Mcartney.
My favorite recent job was working with The band “One Republic”.
My favorite long time client is ET Canada Host Cheryl Hickey. She is beautiful and one of the sweetest people I know.
ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey and Rick Campanelli
Former ET Canada's Rosey Edeh

Former ET Canada’s Rosey Eden

                                           Dee Marcelli with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey
Do you get some tips from celebrities on make-up? 
I am always open to learning tips from anyone!
Sometimes a celebrity will know something that works particularly well on their skin and I’m always happy to give it a try.
What Make-up trends are you looking forward to work on?
I look forward to seeing all the new colors when they launch for each season? I always look to the runway for the new fashion to get inspiration. I have been working on “Americas Next Top Model” for the last 7 yrs, and just being apart of that show always feeds my creativity!
                                                                     ABC Whodunnit
What are your favourite make-up products?
I have so many go too s…I always feel one of the most important thing you can have is a great primer. I either use Laura Mercier or Mac.
I love Smashbox, Dior and Chanel foundations. The Dior “skin” loose powder ( I think), is simply the best I have found. Oh and my new fav lip colors are from OCD. They are beyond vibrant and absolutely don’t move!
How many TV/Films did you do make ups on?
I’m guessing here – but I’d say at least 300? I’ve been at it a LONG time 😉
Have you ever been on TV for an interview?
One of my favorite interview moments was being interview by ETCanada’s (and my talent) Cheryl Hickey. I helped to develop and create a Brow line called Chella and was in Canada launching the product. We spoke about Red Carpet Brows for the Academy Awards.

My interview was with my client Mary Murphy (“So You Think You Can Dance) for an up coming infomercial  for “Luminess Air”.
I have done different “on air” appearances over the years and it’s always challenging and fun!
What do you like to do outside of work? like hobbies etc?
Well I’m a single Mother so— I spend a lot of my time with my girl.
Aside from parenthood, I love bike riding, hiking, yoga, painting, antiquing, and spending time entertaining friends.
What tips do you offer to be successful celebrity makeup artist? 
Be ready for anything! Always make sure you have your kit filled with everything you might possibly come across. I’ve had some crazy situations thrown at me – so always keep on your toes, and have a CLEAN, well stocked supply of possibilities. I would also advise to remain, calm, thoughtful and polite. You are coming into someone else’s personal space and sometimes they want to chat and be playful and sometimes they don’t. Try to assess the situation and then act accordingly.
I believe to be a successful Makeup Artist (you of course), must have the talent but you also need to be a good listener .
My website for additional information is:
I can also be found on Facebook and please come follow me on Twitter: @ddmarcelli and Instagram
Thank you, Dee for your time and consideration to do an interview with me.
By: Carolyn Bulsink