There Are A Lot Difference Between Hearing and Listening

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Just thought I’d let you know about my story being interviewed by “The Dyonne Lewis Show” Host and she wrote her blog excessively beautiful about what my life was like in one world. I grew up being deaf in the hearing universe and I was surrounded by people that can hear – while growing up, I thought I was like everyone else and intentionally got upset when I couldn’t hear what people were saying and I wanted to get something that can help me hear but unfortunately it never succeed. I was like ok something doesn’t work for me and I realized I have came to the terms of understanding my deafness  and discovering who I am in school. I remember receiving a speech therapy every morning at school – they thought I’d be able to talk and thats because of my parents teaching me how to speak/read lips. My parents taught me sign language and teaching me how to speak. I began to read lips at a young age and my friends would ask me what words I can speak like “apple” and she heard  my voice.  I knew nothing about deaf culture or their school until in 1995. The deaf school came to the school to tell the school how deaf people are like and how they interact with  others in a different way. 

An evening with the Stars

An evening with the Stars

When I started attending school and my friends were like “she’s deaf and we have to learn sign language for her” and I begin to notice they were signing and I asked them “How did you learn?”  they replied, “Mrs Nickel did teach us” My interpreter decided to have a class to teach the kids how to sign and I was so amazed. My first Interpreter was Barb and she helped me for only a year and then she was told to leave town and I was upset that she had to leave, she was the one who taught me how to read & write.  After many years, I decided to meet up with Barb in Toronto two years ago and she was very surprised to see me again – she was saying that she had thought of me and my mom. I came and visit her for the first time and I got to tell you that she’s amazing woman that taught me everything.

There are a lot difference between hearing & listening, having to say that is because a hearing impaired people brain is working properly and it is just ears that doesn’t work. Most hearing world are afraid of communication barriers and they don’t know what the other options available for them – yes there are so many options you can communicate with a deaf people. Technology is excessively improving and developing cool translator apps that can break down communication barriers on iPhone, Samsung and BlackBerry. I’m intentionally going to work on a communication project to help with the technology.  I am currently working with an electrical engineer and studying with him to be a successful engineer.

You can check my story on what I have fought for my accomplishment and not sitting around.

By: Carolyn Bulsink