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Makeup Artistry 

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bright Makeup Colours in Spring 2015

Makeup trends for 2015 – great for bright clothing. It can go with formal wear with any kind but the most important is to ensure you are being matched properly with fashion and everything. As a makeup artist myself, I look for the latest trend to share, to help women to create inquiring look! 

I found some bright makeup trend for 2015, designs are always changing for better and women are more eager to create their spring look. In the winter trends doesn’t come as often as we want and sometimes fall/winter trends are good but not much to choose from. If you choose colours carefully and they can go with almost everything in all seasons. It is obvious  I love bright colours in makeup best than dark colours 

If you would like me to post more, I’d be delighted to do that for you guys.

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Hey Everyone!!!


I know it has been too long since I last post on here and the truth is that I’m keeping myself extremely busy with school to be a professional makeup artist, I have been taking some time to do photography and will post on here once it is all edited.  With my brother wedding, It has been taking my time away from work and thats okay; His Fiancé had asked me to be her bridesmaid and will be doing makeup for the wedding party. I am very honoured to be part of their wedding day and making the best of it. I want you all to be part of it as I post on here because I’m thinking of everyone. This coming weekend, I’ll be going to the dress fitting and the dress is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to show that to you.  The past few weeks ago, I was doing makeup for the prom total of three girls. They are absolutely gorgeous, I am pleased with the makeup outcome and everyone were talking on how fabulous job I did on them.  There are few pictures I want to share with you guys:

IMG_0817 IMG_0820 IMG_0937

So I will have more once my makeup site has been published and I’ve been working on the site very closely making sure it is edited properly.  I know I miss writing and it has stopped me for some good reasons. I took some time to write to say hello to all of you.

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Flameless Eye Makeup

To begin with the new makeup – first you will need to insert foundation primer & eye primer in order to have a long lasting makeup. Apparently, you will need a fresh start!

Step 1: after cleansing your face, apply small amount of foundation primer all over your face in a circular motion. I buy GOSH (anti-wrinkle) primer because it gives you flawless looking skin with foundation. I recently purchased a foundation called “Lock it Tattoo Foundation” from Sephora store – they’re amazing and provides full coverage for your skin. It applies to have 24 hour wear and you will love it and it can be very costly if you consider that’s expensive.

Step 2: After a primer application, apply Lock It Tattoo Foundation in a tapping motion with a sponge or a foundation brush – whatever makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend you to use a foundation brush because that will create most flawless looking – full coverage without any messy looking. I’d say I have learned so much as a makeup artist and my obsession with makeup and providing tips for you guys so you can learn as well from me.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of eye shadow – working toward a gold shadow at the center of your eyelids and then you will be able to add an orange shadow at the end of the eyelids. This is called “Flameless Eye Shadow” also is my favourite kind because it will pop your natural eye colour if you do have blue eyes.

Step 4: Finally, apply “Marc Jacob” eye liner and if you would like to have a professional looking – you would have to add a liquid black liner to create bright looking and making your eyes look great. This look is great for formal wear, evening wear and even classy wear.

Also a “Boxom” lipstick are available at Sephora as well as a liner. When applying you will feel a tingling sensation and it is a wonderful feeling of being beautiful inside and outside!


By: Carolyn Bulsink

The Art Of Makeup Designs

There are some interesting makeup designs created by the artists. These designs amazes me in a good way and of course when required an artists would create designs on model’s face relating to similar events like fashion shows, and some applied to auditions to promote certain arts to fit in whatever industry they wish to get accredited. As you can recall there are some pictures online are promoted by the artists – who designed best art on the model’s face. I have seen some of the most fabulous design ever. If I could have the money to travel and interview those artists from all over the world. They do have the amazing talents that inspire me so much. If you want to have that kind of art as a makeup artist you would have to attend some makeup courses from a certain modelling agency that offer that art course or the community college. The cost can be very pricy but it is worth it at the end. You will appreciate your art when you create one!

This design is just glamorous plus if I could design like this I’d definitely get more practice.




I would say a favourite designs are:





In my experience in the past, I have had only applied makeup on models for mother/daughter fashion show – I find it very inspiring and challenging. I believe an artists can have as much amount of fun working with models as they can. As an makeup artist, I don’t even consider makeup as my job but as the most glamorous and interesting hobby I will ever have.

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Interview With Celebrity Makeup Artist – Lyrica Wafer





Hello Fellas,

A celebrity makeup artist – Lyrica Wafer and I had a great chat and I have learned so much about her work and I am very delighted to be part of an interview with her. Lyrica Wafer has always grew her passion into talent, she even pursued into acting, dancing and makeup artistry. She began to get into an acting when she was in high school and worked on sets as well. After college she majored into makeup artistry and modelling. She found herself into makeup and realized her makeup is her passion which her creativity shows her work.


You can see my interview with Lyrica below:

Carolyn: When did you become a celebrity makeup artist?

Lyrica: I became a celebrity make up artist officially when I did makeup for celebrity recording artist Adina Howard in February 2013 but I have been doing makeup for models and a lot of people in the industry since 2010.

Carolyn: What are your favourite makeup products and what makeup do you suggest us to use?

Lyrica: My favourite products to use are eyeshadows and Shany Cosmetics. I would recommend that to anyone.

Carolyn: Are there any skin care products that you love? Brand names?

Lyrica: Some skin care products I would recommend is the MAC skin care line and Clean & Clear where you can find at any drugstore

Carolyn:  I have seen a lot of your profolio work on make up and they are certainly very gorgeous! Do you have any secret beauty tips?

Lyrica : Aww, thank you. My secret beauty tips? Well, when you take your picture make sure you are in front of a window with a natural light and having great skin under your makeup makes a great make up application.





Carolyn:  What are the other talents have you used other than makeup artistry?

Lyrica: Other talents other than make up is that I love to write poetry.

Carolyn: Who have you worked with? Any celebrities that we know of?

Lyrica: I’ve worked with Adina Howard, Giselle Grayson, Steve Boi, Mary Beryman, Mikey Koffman and many more!

Carolyn: I’m curious, are you an actress as well and which famous celebrities do you really want to work with?

Lyrica: I have added before when I was in high school. I was on TV show called “7th Heaven” and a movie “Tears of the Sun” with Bruce Willis. I would really love to work with Dawn Richard, Danity Kane, Nicki Minaj, Queen Latifah,  and Tamar Braxton etc..

Carolyn: When your client comes to you to do their makeup, do you pick any ideas what their looks should be or does the client tell you what they want?

 Lyrica: I have always let my client tell me what they want. Most of the time they let me run free but I always like to see what style they are going for before I start.

Carolyn:  What are the most important aspects of being professional makeup?

Lyrica: The most important aspects go being a mua is sanitation and organization. Clean brushes and having organized kit is a must.

Carolyn: If anyone wants to be a makeup artist, what do you recommend him/or her to use and how to be successful?

 Lyrica: I would tell them to use the most affordable products they could get their hands on. Don’t spend too much money. Take the time and build your kit properly. I would recommend them to use drug store makeup and lots of pallets from Amazon. It could be useful, take advantage of social media, make sure to brand yourself well by making a website and investing in business cards

Carolyn: Thank you so much for allowing me to take the part of this interview!

Lyrica: Thank you for the interview

By: Carolyn Bulsink