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PRO Makeup Artistry 

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Makeup Artistry 

Do you have what to take to become a certified professional makeup artist? This course is perfect for you with an option to pay for your tuition, and you can learn from home with QC Makeup Academy on your own space and flexibility so enroll today! 

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Fashion Desk


My friend is designing an office desk for me almost as similar as this picture below:


I really need your help with some creative concepts to add or to create different design. I will have green & yellow mixed in an horizontal or vertical? Shelves doors?

Open to any ideas, any designs, colours and in fact I’m more eager to create more design more than that. I cannot prognosticate what might look like but receiving some ideas from you guys would be fun!

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Fashion Homes & Tips

surfed around the internet of “dream home” and found some of interesting designs. If you ever dreamed of owning a beautiful home, here are the tips you could benefit from:

  • Plan an investment for a mortgage downpayment of $10,000.00 or $20,000.00 and if you do that you could also pay that monthly, semi-monthly or bi-weekly and the more you pay the lower mortgage will be each month.
  • Invest for a lawyer which can protect you from any error information sellers offer. I recommend you to invest about $5,000 for one to be prepared without a shock payment.
  • Invest about $5,000 – $10,000 for furnitures and appliances.
  • If you are wanting to build a new home, it can be very costly because if you want to do a custom home you will want to invest an extra money to pay for the interior designer to design your whole home.
  • Most people would search for older home already upgraded and that they won’t have to pay for extra cost. You can also turn your home into something fabulous and save a bit more of money.
  • Always research on what kind and affordable homes you want to visit and ensure availability of “Open House” so you can see if you like the place. 

Here are some interesting pictures for home fashion and I really would love to have this house!


Beautiful Bedroom filled with relaxing atmosphere 




A Shoe Bath Tub



Colourful Restroom



Purpled colour in Kitchen


By: Carolyn Bulsink


Pink Like A Rose Eye Makeup

Hi Everyone,





I just wanted to share this beautiful picture of “Pink Like A Rose” eyeshadow because I thought you may want to try this on your own — most importantly to be elegant and creative. It is very challenging for me because there are no instructions for this type of eyeshadow, I always try to determine proper brush to use and yes there are few different eyeshadow brushes that you can use to create most refreshing look to match the makeup photo. I would suggest you to google “makeup” and look whatever comes up on there and you just have to determine if this look will match on you then go from there. The more practice you do the more you succeed in make up artistry and it had helped me practice and now I’m more expert in makeup artistry. Remember to get yourself better quality brushes because the proper brushes will help create same look as models but high quality can be expensive and I’d like to include Shany Cosmetics has the most high quality and well-pigmented makeup products anyone can ask for. I use Shany Cosmetics and I really love how well colours turned out for my eyes and I am a big fan of Shany Cosmetics so you can check them out at and prices are very reasonable!

You can find Shany Cosmetics on twitter as well @ShanyCosmetics and they are awesome peeps!

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Trendy Tuesday: Dresses To Go With Your Makeup

Here are some pictures of the dresses that can go with your makeup. Initially, it is always better to have your dresses matching up with your make up because it is well-blended.  I want to share some of my make up pictures so I could indicate what looks great with the dresses.

Carolyn’s smokey eye make up looks well with the grey strapless dress and a low cut silver sequinned dress with high sheer side slit.

Image    Image

One shoulder candy red dress with ruches side swipe and sexy high slit along with my other smokey eye make up.


Purple low cut halter dress with sequinned bodice and chiffon layered ruffles would look amazing along with a lavender eye makeup



Chorale and teal strapless mermaid gowns with sequinned fitted bodice and chiffon base.  These dresses looks great with a salmon-pink eye make up.



Enjoy peeps!

By: Carolyn Bulsink