Chat with Tricia Mitchell

I had an amazing chat with Tricia Mitchell – an international model and TV host. She is down to earth and kind. It was great meeting her at the New York Motion Event last year.

My interview with Tricia below:

How long have you been a model?

I have been a fashion model for over ten years. I was discovered in Barbados at a young age and it kind of took off from there.

What interest you in becoming a tv host? What is your show called?

I love talking to people and being myself, and I have always had an interest in journalism. My show is about to go into production so mums the word right now.

What is your favourite place to eat?

Byblos Restaurant in Toronto, you can’t beat the Lamb.

I know you hosted events, are you going to be hosting events in the near future?

I hope so, it’s a lot of fun putting projects together.

Where do you like to travel for vacation?

I love going to Asia, totally fascinated by it. I also love Italy, Mexico and St.Barth.

What is your lifestyle like?

That depends on what I am doing. I am quite social, love going out, and at the same time, nothing beats my onsie, chilling and watching movies.

I know your schedule is tight and how do you manage to get things going?

Good question, I just do what I have to do. I try my best to make a schedule and stick to it.

Have you ever met any of your favourite celebrity?

Yes, Whoopi Goldberg is pretty amazing, and still waiting to meet Beyoncé.

Thank you, Tricia, for the opportunity to interview you!

You can check Tricia Mitchell’s website to know more about her on and you can catch her show on YouTube or Facebook.

Follow Tricia Mitchell on Twitter @triciamitchell_ and tricia_mitchell_ on Instagram.

By: Carolyn Bulsink


Deafness and Determination

I want to share my story being deaf and how I have overcome my obstacle. I am very thankful for my parents for being able to fight and help me succeed in life. They helped me to get where I should go and I’m very proud of them and feeling lucky. Enjoy reading a link in Women Post.

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Park Lane Sparkle With Carolyn

Hello all,

I am very excited to share my jewellery business called Park Lane Jewellery. Park Lane Jewellery worn on Dancing With The Stars and NEW to Canada. Celebrities like Kristie Alley, Jenny Craig, Chynna Phillips, Sherri Shepherd, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez etc.  The Park Lane Jewellery even was featured on Marie Osmond Show and she looks like she’s having fun talking about that. I am really inspired how celebs really love Park Lane Jewellery and I feel like I will be wearing some of their favourite jewellery.

Unknown   Unknown-2  Unknown-1

I am totally very excited to be receiving my jewellery kit in the mail by my favourite leader Sharon. I will be posting pictures soon  to share with you guys.  I am going to have a kit opening party so stay tuned for the details and its going to be so much fun to be hanging out with friends and family to be talking about how pretty you will be with your free jewellery. If you cannot make it to my show – feel free to shop online with me and you can follow this link to access  online shopping at

While you shop online, I would like you to use our customer bonus sale and get three additional items for just $14 each.
Another option is to get TEN friends to place each order $20 order and get $500 Jewellery for just $10.

To be a hostess, if you can get five orders before the show at any amount of the price before the show you will earn an additional $50 credit for just $5.

Happy Shopping and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and I look forward to shop online with you!

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Favourite Actors

Before I post anything I would like to share about my favourite actors I adored.

My favourite actors are:

George Clooney
Jennifer Lopez
Brad Pitt
Drew Barrymore
Kate Winslet

So list goes on… I’m sure I have so many favourites.

What about you? Who was that and what movies you ever watched? Any best part of the movie you like?

Television Reviews & Interviews On Television Blue

Hi Fellas,

I just wanted to keep you in the loop of whats going on and I will be writing for Television Blue on television reviews and posting my interviews on there in case if you missed my interviews with stars on here and you can discuss those reviews with us on the forum provided on I will still be writing on Carolyn’s Entertainment Blog as I won’t be leaving you guys out. This is a tremendous move for me because I love writing and improve my writing skills. The title will be Carolyn’s Stars and I’m really excited to keep you updated with whats going on with celebrities characters on the show and this will be so much fun discussing with you!

We will be covering popular shows:

  • Seed
  • Walking Dead
  • Survivors
  • Game Of Throne
  • Interviews on Carolyn’s Stars

Just let us know if there are certain shows you’d like to talk about. Please don’t hesitate to email me at for more information.

By: Carolyn Bulsink


My Interview With A Celebrity Make-up Artist’s Dee Marcelli

Hello Fellas,
Dee Marcelli is a celebrity Make-up artist and she has been doing this for 20 years and here is the scoop of her career. Please see my interview with Dee Marcelli below:
How long have you been in the cosmetic industry? 
I have been working in industry in one form or another for 20 years. I have been working in television for 15.
And what made you want to be a celebrity make-up artist?
I just enjoy being creative. I started my career in department stores and after working my way up the ladder, (and becoming the National Artist for Christian Dior and Chanel), I wanted to continue to grow and challenge myself. Moving into doing makeup for television was (for me) a natural progression.
 Who has been your favorite celeb client?
I have felt very honored to have worked on some pretty incredible people. Some favorite memories would include working with our First Lady Nancy Reagan, George W. Bush and Sir Paul Mcartney.
My favorite recent job was working with The band “One Republic”.
My favorite long time client is ET Canada Host Cheryl Hickey. She is beautiful and one of the sweetest people I know.
ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey and Rick Campanelli
Former ET Canada's Rosey Edeh

Former ET Canada’s Rosey Eden

                                           Dee Marcelli with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey
Do you get some tips from celebrities on make-up? 
I am always open to learning tips from anyone!
Sometimes a celebrity will know something that works particularly well on their skin and I’m always happy to give it a try.
What Make-up trends are you looking forward to work on?
I look forward to seeing all the new colors when they launch for each season? I always look to the runway for the new fashion to get inspiration. I have been working on “Americas Next Top Model” for the last 7 yrs, and just being apart of that show always feeds my creativity!
                                                                     ABC Whodunnit
What are your favourite make-up products?
I have so many go too s…I always feel one of the most important thing you can have is a great primer. I either use Laura Mercier or Mac.
I love Smashbox, Dior and Chanel foundations. The Dior “skin” loose powder ( I think), is simply the best I have found. Oh and my new fav lip colors are from OCD. They are beyond vibrant and absolutely don’t move!
How many TV/Films did you do make ups on?
I’m guessing here – but I’d say at least 300? I’ve been at it a LONG time 😉
Have you ever been on TV for an interview?
One of my favorite interview moments was being interview by ETCanada’s (and my talent) Cheryl Hickey. I helped to develop and create a Brow line called Chella and was in Canada launching the product. We spoke about Red Carpet Brows for the Academy Awards.

My interview was with my client Mary Murphy (“So You Think You Can Dance) for an up coming infomercial  for “Luminess Air”.
I have done different “on air” appearances over the years and it’s always challenging and fun!
What do you like to do outside of work? like hobbies etc?
Well I’m a single Mother so— I spend a lot of my time with my girl.
Aside from parenthood, I love bike riding, hiking, yoga, painting, antiquing, and spending time entertaining friends.
What tips do you offer to be successful celebrity makeup artist? 
Be ready for anything! Always make sure you have your kit filled with everything you might possibly come across. I’ve had some crazy situations thrown at me – so always keep on your toes, and have a CLEAN, well stocked supply of possibilities. I would also advise to remain, calm, thoughtful and polite. You are coming into someone else’s personal space and sometimes they want to chat and be playful and sometimes they don’t. Try to assess the situation and then act accordingly.
I believe to be a successful Makeup Artist (you of course), must have the talent but you also need to be a good listener .
My website for additional information is:
I can also be found on Facebook and please come follow me on Twitter: @ddmarcelli and Instagram
Thank you, Dee for your time and consideration to do an interview with me.
By: Carolyn Bulsink

Looking Back At Carolyn’s Media Highlights in 2013


This year of 2013 soon to be over in a couple of days and I would like to share my work I have done in 2013.  I wish you all have a very happy new year and I want to send my warm blessing for whatever you do in 2014.  I will be working closely with media more often in he new year!

Happy New Year!!!!



My interview with Canadian celebrity Theresa Longo back in Oct.



Red Carpet with Evening With The Stars



My interview with an artist Richard Blunt



An Evening With The Stars With DTEFLON and An Emmy Winning Award’s Jeff Branson




Model Zlatina Tileva’s Modelling interview Below:

1) When did you find yourself being in the modelling industry?  On and off. It’s been a couple of years.

2) What are things you love about modelling?  The people I get to meet, the stories we get to share, the clothes I get to wear, the food we get to eat!

3) If you got into acting audition, would you go for acting or just modelling? I would definitely do both – so fun!

4) I hear you were on Global News about your modelling, What is it all about? Zlatina was doing a modelling and her designer was being interviewed by Rosey Edeh.

5) What are the most memorable moment in your career? All the people that I’ve met with whom I’m now friends with. 

6) How do you feel when you did your first photo shoot or fashion show? I was super excited!

7 If you were not modelling, what are other profession would you be doing? Hmmm… I have never thought about that. I never had a plan B. I stuck with plan A and I find sometimes you just have to in order for it to manifest into reality! 

 How do you cope under the pressure of being a model?  I stay true to myself – if I do that then there’s no pressure.

9) What beauty tips do you swear by?  I like using natural products!

10) If anyone who wants to be a model, what should they do to achieve this?  If you want it, do it! 



Interview with Alicia Lara posted on Carolyn’s Entertainment Page on Facebook



Interview with Stayce Branche posted on Carolyn Entertainment Page on Facebook



Carolyn’s Photoshoot #1



Photoshoot #2





My Fav friend Danielle



Interview with Stacy-Ann will be posted on here very soon!


Happy 2014!

By: Carolyn Bulsink