Chat with Tricia Mitchell

I had an amazing chat with Tricia Mitchell – an international model and TV host. She is down to earth and kind. It was great meeting her at the New York Motion Event last year.

My interview with Tricia below:

How long have you been a model?

I have been a fashion model for over ten years. I was discovered in Barbados at a young age and it kind of took off from there.

What interest you in becoming a tv host? What is your show called?

I love talking to people and being myself, and I have always had an interest in journalism. My show is about to go into production so mums the word right now.

What is your favourite place to eat?

Byblos Restaurant in Toronto, you can’t beat the Lamb.

I know you hosted events, are you going to be hosting events in the near future?

I hope so, it’s a lot of fun putting projects together.

Where do you like to travel for vacation?

I love going to Asia, totally fascinated by it. I also love Italy, Mexico and St.Barth.

What is your lifestyle like?

That depends on what I am doing. I am quite social, love going out, and at the same time, nothing beats my onsie, chilling and watching movies.

I know your schedule is tight and how do you manage to get things going?

Good question, I just do what I have to do. I try my best to make a schedule and stick to it.

Have you ever met any of your favourite celebrity?

Yes, Whoopi Goldberg is pretty amazing, and still waiting to meet Beyoncé.

Thank you, Tricia, for the opportunity to interview you!

You can check Tricia Mitchell’s website to know more about her on and you can catch her show on YouTube or Facebook.

Follow Tricia Mitchell on Twitter @triciamitchell_ and tricia_mitchell_ on Instagram.

By: Carolyn Bulsink


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What To Wear For Work

What To Wear For Work