PRO Makeup Artistry 

Do you ever dream of becoming a Professional Makeup Artist? This course is perfect for you and can give you on – hand training on your skills. You can study from home with QC Makeup Academy with an option to pay for your tuition.  And a free course catalog for you to look at what course outline covers for you, and the good news is that you are going to receive full makeup kit that includes everything you need for the course. To take advantage of this great opportunity, enroll today and start learning and have fun!
QC Makeup Academy Certification


Makeup Artistry 

Do you have what to take to become a certified professional makeup artist? This course is perfect for you with an option to pay for your tuition, and you can learn from home with QC Makeup Academy on your own space and flexibility so enroll today! 

Makeup Artist School Online

Silk N Solution Skin Care

Hi Guys,

I would like to share my skin care stuff with you and I have nothing to hide or anything. When I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart and noticed “Silk N Solution” Microdermabrasion and FaceFX Anti Aging  products being available in the store so I did some research on those devices and create my secret tips then decided to try them both and I would like to offer a review on them for you to review them and I would like to offer the company a credit for their hard work on these skin care products and I’m pleased with the results.

I noticed there was so much dirt on my face after my first treatment of microdermabrasion and I was like thinking, “You can’t actually see a dirt from inside of your skin and it takes a lot out of my skin.” Can you imagine that everything goes unreal and you fix the problem. I have given so much patience with this treatment and kept using Revit twice per week and it has been 4 weeks already and I start to see 70% of the results on my face and absolutely impressed. I’d like to share my secret tips with you with this process.  Many of you will say Lemon are very acidic which is true and cannot be left on for long period of time. Only can be left on for no longer than 10 minutes. I am using FaceFX Anti-Aging for three weeks treatment program and only have 5 weeks to go and I can’t wait to see the total results.

My secret tips below:

  • After each treatment of Revit Microdermabrasion and FaceFX Anti-Aging devices — you will need a lemon slice directly to your face like a mask leaving on for 10 minutes then rinse off with a cool water. Then pat dry. You can use them once per   daily as long as you have oil and cream on your face afterwards before you go to sleep. Oil and cream can go together on your face for additional moisturize and support for your skin to recover from FaceFX red lights. I will not recommend you to use these devices during the day because it cannot be seen in the sunlight and it is highly recommended to use in the evening due to the fact having not to worry about the sunlight exposure. Of course during the day you will use sunscreen SPF 60 and you can buy them at the Wal-Mart called Equate. It can be suitable for sensitive skin and any skin type but always remember to do a patch test prior using sunscreen to ensure you are not prone to sensitivity. For Melasma clients who are interested in using these device, you will be required to use lemon slice after each FaceFX treatment so the skin discolouration won’t get any worse. Remember your skin needs extra support – I admit I do have hyper pigmentation due to sun damage and I am getting any success results and I would recommend you to try. This may help you and prevent you from going to skin medical clinic and having to spend way so much on your skin and it would result in more damage to your skin and better than spending $800-$1000 on each treatment session at the salon.

Before Photo:


After few weeks of treatment Photo:


Enjoy and if you would like to follow the same tips, you are welcome to do so and I’m excited to see your results!  Don’t forget to buy these devices on and forget to share!

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Sunglasses & Fashion Hair Day!

The summer is here soon and there are some pictures I’d like to share fashion tips for you to match with the sunglasses – in fact sunglass colours are optional based on your preference. 

I picked up some curling iron and a flat waves iron, I did some partial curling on the hair on the top of my scalp and add some waves on the bottom;  practice makes it perfect and  it took me a while to perfect my curls. Nothing impossible to attempt some fashion ideas and my advice is to try to match your hair and clothing even purses, shoes, dresses etc 
By: Carolyn Bulsink 

How to fix yourself to a fab look

How to fix yourself to a fab look

Guerlain makeup
72 CAD –

Yves Saint Laurent eyeshadow
91 CAD –

Water proof makeup
40 CAD –

Too Faced Cosmetics blush
24 CAD –

Maybelline foundation

Nars cosmetic

Pink makeup brush

My Park Lane Jewellery Are Here!!!

I wore Park Lane’s Belle Earrings, Cleo Earrings and received no allergic reactions and I never bothered to itch my ears. it is highly recommend for anyone who has an allergy reaction, wear Park Lane Jewellery because they are in high quality and you can go shopping with me online before Feb 6 to gets entered into a draw for $100 FREE Jewellery so please follow this link to place your order today!
Happy Shopping!!






By: Carolyn Bulsink

Park Lane Sparkle With Carolyn

Hello all,

I am very excited to share my jewellery business called Park Lane Jewellery. Park Lane Jewellery worn on Dancing With The Stars and NEW to Canada. Celebrities like Kristie Alley, Jenny Craig, Chynna Phillips, Sherri Shepherd, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez etc.  The Park Lane Jewellery even was featured on Marie Osmond Show and she looks like she’s having fun talking about that. I am really inspired how celebs really love Park Lane Jewellery and I feel like I will be wearing some of their favourite jewellery.

Unknown   Unknown-2  Unknown-1

I am totally very excited to be receiving my jewellery kit in the mail by my favourite leader Sharon. I will be posting pictures soon  to share with you guys.  I am going to have a kit opening party so stay tuned for the details and its going to be so much fun to be hanging out with friends and family to be talking about how pretty you will be with your free jewellery. If you cannot make it to my show – feel free to shop online with me and you can follow this link to access  online shopping at

While you shop online, I would like you to use our customer bonus sale and get three additional items for just $14 each.
Another option is to get TEN friends to place each order $20 order and get $500 Jewellery for just $10.

To be a hostess, if you can get five orders before the show at any amount of the price before the show you will earn an additional $50 credit for just $5.

Happy Shopping and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and I look forward to shop online with you!

By: Carolyn Bulsink