Looking Back At Carolyn’s Media Highlights in 2013


This year of 2013 soon to be over in a couple of days and I would like to share my work I have done in 2013.  I wish you all have a very happy new year and I want to send my warm blessing for whatever you do in 2014.  I will be working closely with media more often in he new year!

Happy New Year!!!!



My interview with Canadian celebrity Theresa Longo back in Oct.



Red Carpet with Evening With The Stars



My interview with an artist Richard Blunt



An Evening With The Stars With DTEFLON and An Emmy Winning Award’s Jeff Branson




Model Zlatina Tileva’s Modelling interview Below:

1) When did you find yourself being in the modelling industry?  On and off. It’s been a couple of years.

2) What are things you love about modelling?  The people I get to meet, the stories we get to share, the clothes I get to wear, the food we get to eat!

3) If you got into acting audition, would you go for acting or just modelling? I would definitely do both – so fun!

4) I hear you were on Global News about your modelling, What is it all about? Zlatina was doing a modelling and her designer was being interviewed by Rosey Edeh.

5) What are the most memorable moment in your career? All the people that I’ve met with whom I’m now friends with. 

6) How do you feel when you did your first photo shoot or fashion show? I was super excited!

7 If you were not modelling, what are other profession would you be doing? Hmmm… I have never thought about that. I never had a plan B. I stuck with plan A and I find sometimes you just have to in order for it to manifest into reality! 

 How do you cope under the pressure of being a model?  I stay true to myself – if I do that then there’s no pressure.

9) What beauty tips do you swear by?  I like using natural products!

10) If anyone who wants to be a model, what should they do to achieve this?  If you want it, do it! 



Interview with Alicia Lara posted on Carolyn’s Entertainment Page on Facebook



Interview with Stayce Branche posted on Carolyn Entertainment Page on Facebook



Carolyn’s Photoshoot #1



Photoshoot #2





My Fav friend Danielle



Interview with Stacy-Ann will be posted on here very soon!


Happy 2014!

By: Carolyn Bulsink