Park Lane Sparkle With Carolyn

Hello all,

I am very excited to share my jewellery business called Park Lane Jewellery. Park Lane Jewellery worn on Dancing With The Stars and NEW to Canada. Celebrities like Kristie Alley, Jenny Craig, Chynna Phillips, Sherri Shepherd, Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez etc.  The Park Lane Jewellery even was featured on Marie Osmond Show and she looks like she’s having fun talking about that. I am really inspired how celebs really love Park Lane Jewellery and I feel like I will be wearing some of their favourite jewellery.

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I am totally very excited to be receiving my jewellery kit in the mail by my favourite leader Sharon. I will be posting pictures soon  to share with you guys.  I am going to have a kit opening party so stay tuned for the details and its going to be so much fun to be hanging out with friends and family to be talking about how pretty you will be with your free jewellery. If you cannot make it to my show – feel free to shop online with me and you can follow this link to access  online shopping at

While you shop online, I would like you to use our customer bonus sale and get three additional items for just $14 each.
Another option is to get TEN friends to place each order $20 order and get $500 Jewellery for just $10.

To be a hostess, if you can get five orders before the show at any amount of the price before the show you will earn an additional $50 credit for just $5.

Happy Shopping and if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask and I look forward to shop online with you!

By: Carolyn Bulsink

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