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By: Carolyn Bulsink 

Johnny Salib’s Taste In Being An Artist

Johnny Salib is an award winning actor, composer and theatre creator. He is also an artistic director for Sisyphean Productions known as a theatre company and runs a company called Queerdeer Media. Johnny appeared in some films/television roles and stage performance as well but very much into theatre production & music. I had the pleasure to interview Johnny Salib about his taste of music and being a true artist.

Carolyn: When did you first found your passion in being an artist?

JS: When I was younger I was really interested in writing and creating. I enjoyed manipulating words and creating pieces that would evoke emotions, whether it be for myself or for an audience. I started singing when I was around 9, writing music when I was around 13, and writing plays when I was around 20. So each step of my artistry was inspired at different times.

Carolyn: Can you describe how manipulate words are being used?

JS: Manipulating words to me would be making sure that sentences had a certain flow to them that’s smooth. More specifically to music. You have to fit a certain amount of syllables to a line and need to make sure that if you rhyme lyrics that the rhymes make sense and aren’t rhymes just for the sake of rhyming if that makes sense. I think manipulation is also using the right words. Some words are much more effective at conveying certain thoughts and you have to have to be very specific to make sure you’re giving off the right message with your work. For example, saying someone is unhappy versus distraught. They mean completely different things, but are often used as synonyms.

Carolyn: Amazing! I know you are multi-talented artist so which talents do you enjoy doing? IE: Singing, directing etc?

JS: Good question. I ask myself that every day. I’m fascinated with most art forms and have tried to dabble with as many as I can. I’d say the most common forms I use are music composition (incorporating voice, instrumentation and sound design) and theatre creation (including playwriting, directing and acting). I used to draw and paint a lot when I was younger though, but that sort of subsided when I went to college.

Carolyn: So you have some props for stage? 

JS: I don’t normally design props because I go about theatre in a simplistic manner, using as little as possible to allow the audiences imagination to do the work. Sometimes if a piece is bigger I hire on a designer to help me with that work.

Carolyn: Oh I understand. I was just reading your bio about your work, you must like Harry Potter and you got to play as Harry Potter. What was that like?

JS: Funny enough, at the time I never read a single Harry Potter book. I also have only seen the last two movies, so it’s really funny I was put into that role. Regardless, it was really interesting to me. I enjoyed the experience playing Harry Potter, especially because the story was a staple to so many around me. It was also exciting to me to dive into such a well known character without knowing anything and discovering his issues on my own without the influence of pop culture, media or my surroundings.

Carolyn: Can you tell me about best scene you ever played? How do you feel about that?

JS: Given the fact that it was a farce musical, I’d have to say the introduction of characters was the best I played. It’s hard to capture an audience’s attention and when doing this farce specifically comedic timing and character authenticity was important. I think I landed the character strongly, making sure to keep his serious characteristics while remaining goofy and comedic.

Carolyn: Absolutely! Have you ever played on television or film?

JS: For short films, I commonly get casted as serious characters who are dealing with abuse or breakups, I’ve done a few stunt heavy-non speaking roles and a number of LGBT related films where I’m either gay or bisexual. More recently I’ve started doing comedy in short films as well, apparently I can be funny? As for TV Operas, CBC used to have a night-time segment that featured operas such as Benjamin Britten’s “Noye’s Fluude” which I was part of.

Carolyn: Wow. Do you like doing stunts?

JS: I love doing stunts! I actually would love to do more. As soon as I have the time, I’m going to go back to school to get higher certifications for them!

Carolyn: Is it like doing stunts like Fear Factor show? Or are there any certain kind of stunt you would like doing?

JS: I personally like more of the “combat” stunts. ie. being punched and kicked. I really love getting the crap kicked out of me.

Carolyn: Interesting. I know you are a singer, what are your favourite lyrics?

JS: Favourite lyrics that aren’t mine: “Waking up is knowing who you really are.” – Amy Lee of Evanescence. Favourite lyrics of mine: “It’s not that I love you, it’s that I want to be loved by someone like you.”

Carolyn: What would you want people to know about you if interested in becoming an artist?

JS: I’d definitely encourage artists to make their own path, specifically if you are a creator. Don’t wait for someone to hand you a job, make the job. I’ve been independent for years and love it. Yes, there is a higher risk, especially financially, but it’s worth it. You have all the control, you make your schedules, and you get to choose who you work with.

 Carolyn: That is a phenomenal advice for others and I would like to
thank you for your time to have an interview with me. 

Find Johnny Salib on Twitter at @_JSMusic and if you are interested in knowing more about him please visit his website at

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Silk N Solution Skin Care

Hi Guys,

I would like to share my skin care stuff with you and I have nothing to hide or anything. When I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart and noticed “Silk N Solution” Microdermabrasion and FaceFX Anti Aging  products being available in the store so I did some research on those devices and create my secret tips then decided to try them both and I would like to offer a review on them for you to review them and I would like to offer the company a credit for their hard work on these skin care products and I’m pleased with the results.

I noticed there was so much dirt on my face after my first treatment of microdermabrasion and I was like thinking, “You can’t actually see a dirt from inside of your skin and it takes a lot out of my skin.” Can you imagine that everything goes unreal and you fix the problem. I have given so much patience with this treatment and kept using Revit twice per week and it has been 4 weeks already and I start to see 70% of the results on my face and absolutely impressed. I’d like to share my secret tips with you with this process.  Many of you will say Lemon are very acidic which is true and cannot be left on for long period of time. Only can be left on for no longer than 10 minutes. I am using FaceFX Anti-Aging for three weeks treatment program and only have 5 weeks to go and I can’t wait to see the total results.

My secret tips below:

  • After each treatment of Revit Microdermabrasion and FaceFX Anti-Aging devices — you will need a lemon slice directly to your face like a mask leaving on for 10 minutes then rinse off with a cool water. Then pat dry. You can use them once per   daily as long as you have oil and cream on your face afterwards before you go to sleep. Oil and cream can go together on your face for additional moisturize and support for your skin to recover from FaceFX red lights. I will not recommend you to use these devices during the day because it cannot be seen in the sunlight and it is highly recommended to use in the evening due to the fact having not to worry about the sunlight exposure. Of course during the day you will use sunscreen SPF 60 and you can buy them at the Wal-Mart called Equate. It can be suitable for sensitive skin and any skin type but always remember to do a patch test prior using sunscreen to ensure you are not prone to sensitivity. For Melasma clients who are interested in using these device, you will be required to use lemon slice after each FaceFX treatment so the skin discolouration won’t get any worse. Remember your skin needs extra support – I admit I do have hyper pigmentation due to sun damage and I am getting any success results and I would recommend you to try. This may help you and prevent you from going to skin medical clinic and having to spend way so much on your skin and it would result in more damage to your skin and better than spending $800-$1000 on each treatment session at the salon.

Before Photo:


After few weeks of treatment Photo:


Enjoy and if you would like to follow the same tips, you are welcome to do so and I’m excited to see your results!  Don’t forget to buy these devices on and forget to share!

By: Carolyn Bulsink