Silk N Solution Skin Care

Hi Guys,

I would like to share my skin care stuff with you and I have nothing to hide or anything. When I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart and noticed “Silk N Solution” Microdermabrasion and FaceFX Anti Aging  products being available in the store so I did some research on those devices and create my secret tips then decided to try them both and I would like to offer a review on them for you to review them and I would like to offer the company a credit for their hard work on these skin care products and I’m pleased with the results.

I noticed there was so much dirt on my face after my first treatment of microdermabrasion and I was like thinking, “You can’t actually see a dirt from inside of your skin and it takes a lot out of my skin.” Can you imagine that everything goes unreal and you fix the problem. I have given so much patience with this treatment and kept using Revit twice per week and it has been 4 weeks already and I start to see 70% of the results on my face and absolutely impressed. I’d like to share my secret tips with you with this process.  Many of you will say Lemon are very acidic which is true and cannot be left on for long period of time. Only can be left on for no longer than 10 minutes. I am using FaceFX Anti-Aging for three weeks treatment program and only have 5 weeks to go and I can’t wait to see the total results.

My secret tips below:

  • After each treatment of Revit Microdermabrasion and FaceFX Anti-Aging devices — you will need a lemon slice directly to your face like a mask leaving on for 10 minutes then rinse off with a cool water. Then pat dry. You can use them once per   daily as long as you have oil and cream on your face afterwards before you go to sleep. Oil and cream can go together on your face for additional moisturize and support for your skin to recover from FaceFX red lights. I will not recommend you to use these devices during the day because it cannot be seen in the sunlight and it is highly recommended to use in the evening due to the fact having not to worry about the sunlight exposure. Of course during the day you will use sunscreen SPF 60 and you can buy them at the Wal-Mart called Equate. It can be suitable for sensitive skin and any skin type but always remember to do a patch test prior using sunscreen to ensure you are not prone to sensitivity. For Melasma clients who are interested in using these device, you will be required to use lemon slice after each FaceFX treatment so the skin discolouration won’t get any worse. Remember your skin needs extra support – I admit I do have hyper pigmentation due to sun damage and I am getting any success results and I would recommend you to try. This may help you and prevent you from going to skin medical clinic and having to spend way so much on your skin and it would result in more damage to your skin and better than spending $800-$1000 on each treatment session at the salon.

Before Photo:


After few weeks of treatment Photo:


Enjoy and if you would like to follow the same tips, you are welcome to do so and I’m excited to see your results!  Don’t forget to buy these devices on and forget to share!

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Interview With General Hospital’s Ryan Carnes


Ryan Carnes is very dedicated actor and was originally from Pittsfield, Illinois. He attended Duke University to pursue art and music but he found his desire in acting so he made his choice to reside in Los Angeles to begin his acting at General Hospital as Lucas Jones in 2004-2005.  Ryan played in many films and television in 2005-2014 after that General Hospital wanted him to replay his character as Lucas Jones.  See my interview with Ryan below:

How did you get into acting? And what interest you in working for General Hospital as an actor?

I took a few theatre classes at Duke University because I needed arts credits. I ended up doing a play and realized that acting was much more fun than anything else I was doing in school.  So I took a leave of absence after my sophomore year and moved to LA to begin.

With respect to GH, it’s such a fast-paced medium, and I’m forced to get better as an actor.  I have to learn lines more quickly, make character choices more quickly, and be very direct able.

I know you left GH (General Hospital) in 2005, What made you want to return to the show?

My experience on the show back in ’04 and ’05 was such a positive one that when the show called me back in 2013 to ask if I would reprise my role as Lucas Jones, I didn’t hesitate.  I knew that it would be a lot of fun, and that it would be like working with family all over again.

What is your favourite role you ever played?

Probably Chris Walker a.k.a. The Phantom for the SYFY channel.  It’s so much fun to play a superhero!  And right up there with that is the lead role that I had in a film I just completed last fall.  It’s called False Memory Syndrome, and it’s in post-production right now.

What was it like working with Parry Shen (Brad Cooper)? What did you learn from your character?

It’s been great working with Parry.  He’s a really great guy, with a great sense of humour.  His mind works in certain ways that mine doesn’t, and so I think we make a great team.  When it comes to doing certain things for the fans, Parry is really thoughtful and creative.

Who are the actors you really like working with?

I love working with Laura Wright, Will DeVry, Kelly Monaco, Jackie Zeiman and they are like my family, really. I’m fortunate to get to work with extremely talented family members. Oh, Maurice Bernard and Anthony Geary because they are both so unpredictable and present to whatever is happening in the moment.

When and why did you start playing music?

It was pure instinct. I started banging on things in the house when I was 2 years old.  My parents had the wisdom to get me a toy drum set when I was 3.  From there, I fell in love and was off to the races.

What was the first tune(s) you ever learned?

Ha-ha!  This is quite funny, actually.  When I first began taking drum lessons on a full drum kit, my teacher taught me the theme song to Beverly Hills 90210.  The original version of the show.  So there I sat in the living room of my parents house, banging away to that song whenever the show came on.

Do you perform in public or do you do music just for fun?

Well, I do music for fun, definitely. Because for me, music IS fun and I also perform in public.  Whenever my band has shows.

Which famous musicians do you admire? And why?

There are a lot of musicians I admire. There are so many and many. From the deceased ones like Roy Orbison and John Bonham to guys like Eddie Vedder.  Eddie is my absolute favourite.  He’s such a talented man, a true artist, who started out angsty and restless and has grown into a deep man with a beautiful soul.   Well, I suppose he always WAS a deep man with a beautiful soul.  But, as humans, life is a journey, and we grow and learn, and we grow out of old behaviours and grow into new ones with new perspective and new understanding of life.

What are your advice for the beginners who want to be an actor or musician?

Work on your craft.  And keep working on it.  Do not let yourself be defined by other people’s careers or the opinions of those around you.  Figure out who you are, what you want to say, how you want to contribute to society, and the world around you, and go from there.  It may take a long time to figure out who you are.  I’m still trying to figure it out!  But I certainly know more who I am, what I stand for, what I want to say, and how I want to contribute to the world than I did when I was 15 and 20 years old.

Thank you Ryan Carnes for taking the moment for interview.

You can watch Ryan Carnes at General Hospital on Global or ABC and you can find his official twitter  @RyanCarnes1

By: Carolyn Bulsink