Bright Lilac Flowers

I took some pictures when it is so bright outside of the lilac flowers and the shots are amazing and I’m proud that I can share that with you. It took a while for me to figure out how to make the shots properly with the Canon camera and it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive to create professional shots.. Practice makes it perfect but my advice is to you to take your time to figure auto focus and creating clear motion without making mistakes. We all shake our camera and tripod is recommended. $600-$700 camera will do you good and provides a professional shots. You can also buy a good lens for just $1000 instead of $10,000 lens because these lens has the same 100mm to 400mm. And it is a waste of money if you buy a $10,000 lens and you didn’t like the way lens and camera shots. So I’d like to show you pictures I just took today and my Canon was just for $600 and it makes the clear shot and so beautiful.


By: Carolyn Bulsink 

A Day To The Temptations Bridal Shop


A day to the Temptations bridal shop was fabulous and I got to meet people who are in the wedding party. I cannot show the dress the bride is wearing but I can show you a bridesmaid dress I’m going to wear for my brother’s wedding. Im totally excited to share that with you and Iam pumped! 

Here are a few pictures of the bridal shop and dresses sitting – my dress as well. Enjoy!


But the dress won’t be red and it will be blue.

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Travelling To Dress Fitting For Wedding

,Hey everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day and get some sun!! I’m off to Hanover for a dress fitting and will post pictures on here for you to see. 


I am very excited to be hanging out with my brother’s fiancée and she is such a sweetie. Just letting you guys know what I’m up to! See you guys soon!

By: Carolyn Bulsink  

bright Makeup Colours in Spring 2015

Makeup trends for 2015 – great for bright clothing. It can go with formal wear with any kind but the most important is to ensure you are being matched properly with fashion and everything. As a makeup artist myself, I look for the latest trend to share, to help women to create inquiring look! 

I found some bright makeup trend for 2015, designs are always changing for better and women are more eager to create their spring look. In the winter trends doesn’t come as often as we want and sometimes fall/winter trends are good but not much to choose from. If you choose colours carefully and they can go with almost everything in all seasons. It is obvious  I love bright colours in makeup best than dark colours 

If you would like me to post more, I’d be delighted to do that for you guys.

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Sunglasses & Fashion Hair Day!

The summer is here soon and there are some pictures I’d like to share fashion tips for you to match with the sunglasses – in fact sunglass colours are optional based on your preference. 

I picked up some curling iron and a flat waves iron, I did some partial curling on the hair on the top of my scalp and add some waves on the bottom;  practice makes it perfect and  it took me a while to perfect my curls. Nothing impossible to attempt some fashion ideas and my advice is to try to match your hair and clothing even purses, shoes, dresses etc 
By: Carolyn Bulsink 

Hey Everyone!!!


I know it has been too long since I last post on here and the truth is that I’m keeping myself extremely busy with school to be a professional makeup artist, I have been taking some time to do photography and will post on here once it is all edited.  With my brother wedding, It has been taking my time away from work and thats okay; His Fiancé had asked me to be her bridesmaid and will be doing makeup for the wedding party. I am very honoured to be part of their wedding day and making the best of it. I want you all to be part of it as I post on here because I’m thinking of everyone. This coming weekend, I’ll be going to the dress fitting and the dress is absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to show that to you.  The past few weeks ago, I was doing makeup for the prom total of three girls. They are absolutely gorgeous, I am pleased with the makeup outcome and everyone were talking on how fabulous job I did on them.  There are few pictures I want to share with you guys:

IMG_0817 IMG_0820 IMG_0937

So I will have more once my makeup site has been published and I’ve been working on the site very closely making sure it is edited properly.  I know I miss writing and it has stopped me for some good reasons. I took some time to write to say hello to all of you.

By: Carolyn Bulsink