Funky Nails!

After having a fashion/beauty conversation, my friend Angele wanted to send me nail art package because she believes I can have some practice on fake nails. At first, I thought I’m not that good with nail but Angele is a good influence on me and encouraged me to try.

Angele mentioned about nail art she has been doing a while ago, she suggested me to try on fake nail hand and showed me her video indicating how to proper insert artificial nails in the fake nail hand. I have my own concept of nail design.

I don’t have to worry about removing my nail polish over and over again with a nail polish remover because I’m not even allowed to wear nail polish at work, having no chance to be able to paint my nails at all and now I feel like I have this chance to do that anytime I wish!

Here are pictures of the designs I practiced on:



By: Carolyn Bulsink

Review on Gianna Seca Designs

All about Gianna Seca Designs:

Gianna first began her company in 2013 and prior to that she sold her jewellery at home parties and felt it wasn’t her creations. I asked her if she has a hidden passion for art & fashion and what made her want to explore her talents. It was all because of her mother who is the most amazing seamstress/designer who has a wonderful eye for fashion. When Gianna was little, she proudly only wore her mother one-of-a-kind designs. Gianna started sketching designs when she was five or six years old and continued to into her twenties. Her dream were shattered when she took a fashion design class and was told “you are an awful dress maker.”  Gianna couldn’t figure out darts and seams apparently. One day years later her sister had informed her she loved Christmas charm bracelets so she researched on how to create her one and her career was born. She suffered from panic and anxiety disorder so the doctor suggested she should create something artistic. Gianna started to design as an outlet and that is how her designing career started.
She also told me that she is highly allergic to base metals (copper, brass, and pewter) so she had no choice and have to work with superior quality Sterling and Bali Silver from Italy and Indonesia. A small percentage of the silver comes from the USA as well. Gianna also works with 14KT Gold and Gold Vermeil (Silver that has been dipped in 18-22KT Gold. Her favourite material to work with is authentic Venetian Murano Glass. The vibrant colour and precious gemstones used to create the glass are amazing. No two pieces of the beads are alike. It is like a painting that she is working on – each piece is a work of art. Gianna is currently working on this collection and it will be available sometime in late 2015 and it is her passion project.
I asked Gianna if the charms she made for her sister was the first experiment to create a bracelet design? she said yes for the very first time she created a piece of jewellery. It wasn’t a creation for her really – she bought a chain and attached charms but it got into an artistic juices flowing again up until  she was studying Physiological Psychology and working in an office with no artistic endeavours
I am excited to see her creating “My Frosted Collections.” Using sparkling Swarovski ® crystals and asked if she sees herself working with celebs with the collections. She said that her frosted creations are gorgeous and many of her friends, their friends and family have custom ordered them in the last 2 years since she started creating and experimenting with the styles, but they are extremely expensive to create (each piece takes hundreds of Swarovski ® Crystals hand wire-wrapped on with Sterling Silver components to a solid Sterling Silver chain dense but beautiful. She had never really seen this style around much so they are unique. Gianna may work with stylists – her dream would have a canadian celebrity walk on the red carpet and say ” I am wearing a Gianna Seca Design” Wow you have me thinking now!!!
Her business name was named after her grandmother because she was a wonderful, kind soul who she wanted to pay homage to. Gianna wanted her grandmother to be proud of her namesake. Gianna mother inspired her because she is the most talented artist she ever known.
I asked how Gianna felt about raising money for the SickKids Foundation and she replied, “Now, you are talking. I love it! I have personally seen the work they do helping children. At first I donated pieces to events that raised money for the hospital and then I created dedicated pieces that sold at shows and at various stores in the GTA. I could not contain my joy when I was given the honour of selling my Gemsbygia ™ collection in the 5Fifty5 Shop.” Now her pieces are part of their auction as well. GemsbyGia ™ is a registered donor, by the way. The GemsbyGia ™ SickKids Collections is on sale at her Etsy Shop at and at various shows she does in the GTA 100% net profits goes to the fund from each purchase.
Gianna’s most memorable moment was the day she got her purolator package telling her that she was accepted into the co-branding program of the Swarovski ® Company in Austria – she sent two of her Frosted Collections bracelets to them and they loved them. As of Sept 2014, she had decided not to be part of the program since there is a monetary requirement to be part of the program.
I asked her what her view of her future is in 5 or 10 years from now – She would like to see her Murano Collections doing well in boutiques across the world and for her Frosted Collections to be in demand.
When Gianna is not designing she would like to paint on canvas for herself and travelling the world.



By: Carolyn Bulsink