Flameless Eye Makeup

To begin with the new makeup – first you will need to insert foundation primer & eye primer in order to have a long lasting makeup. Apparently, you will need a fresh start!

Step 1: after cleansing your face, apply small amount of foundation primer all over your face in a circular motion. I buy GOSH (anti-wrinkle) primer because it gives you flawless looking skin with foundation. I recently purchased a foundation called “Lock it Tattoo Foundation” from Sephora store – they’re amazing and provides full coverage for your skin. It applies to have 24 hour wear and you will love it and it can be very costly if you consider that’s expensive.

Step 2: After a primer application, apply Lock It Tattoo Foundation in a tapping motion with a sponge or a foundation brush – whatever makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend you to use a foundation brush because that will create most flawless looking – full coverage without any messy looking. I’d say I have learned so much as a makeup artist and my obsession with makeup and providing tips for you guys so you can learn as well from me.

Step 3: Apply a small amount of eye shadow – working toward a gold shadow at the center of your eyelids and then you will be able to add an orange shadow at the end of the eyelids. This is called “Flameless Eye Shadow” also is my favourite kind because it will pop your natural eye colour if you do have blue eyes.

Step 4: Finally, apply “Marc Jacob” eye liner and if you would like to have a professional looking – you would have to add a liquid black liner to create bright looking and making your eyes look great. This look is great for formal wear, evening wear and even classy wear.

Also a “Boxom” lipstick are available at Sephora as well as a liner. When applying you will feel a tingling sensation and it is a wonderful feeling of being beautiful inside and outside!


By: Carolyn Bulsink

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving and hope you guys plan something very special for your loved ones!



Eat lots of food and get stuffed in. We all have to give thanks to the creator of the universe for food that he provided for us and that does make him so special and his love for us!

Happy Thanksgiving from Carolyn Bilsink!!!! 💛💛

Giving It Back

First of all, let me tell you – I have decided to write a book because someone inspired me to write because what I’m going to write will impact you with positivity and there will be tutoring involved for you to learn something great from me. This is the main reason why I want to help and tutor you down the road to “success.” I just want people to feel so good about themselves and boosts up their self-esteem.

As you can notice in this world people just don’t want to help – I find it incredibly very sad and selfish. There are people that are desperate to do well for themselves – we just have to step in and help others who are in need.

This book will benefit you as much as it already benefits me because I feel Iam giving it all back with love and respect others. I also have many other goals I want to do other than writing.

If you would like to join me on Facebook for Makeup tutorials – please feel free to send me a message on Carolyn’s Makeup Tutorials on Facebook and I will be teaching on there and here.

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By: Carolyn Bulsink