Green Vegetable Salad


I created most delicious salad in my life and I continue producing the similar salad. I continue to sharing this recipe with you guys and I don’t hide from you like a squirrel. 

Here are the recipe:

Insert a small amount of grapes, blueberries, peppers, onion, peas, bacon, cauliflower, cheese squares, and nuts.

IMG_1460  IMG_1461 IMG_1462  IMG_1463  IMG_1464  IMG_1458IMG_1459IMG_1465  IMG_1466



When inserting some cheese squares, nuts it creates sweet flavour to your vegan salad and add some dressing called “Sweet Onion & Herb”

If you would like to share your food experiences, feel free to send me a message and your photos literally will be up on my blog and I hope you enjoy my recipes!

By: Carolyn Bulsink