Fashion Desk


My friend is designing an office desk for me almost as similar as this picture below:


I really need your help with some creative concepts to add or to create different design. I will have green & yellow mixed in an horizontal or vertical? Shelves doors?

Open to any ideas, any designs, colours and in fact I’m more eager to create more design more than that. I cannot prognosticate what might look like but receiving some ideas from you guys would be fun!

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Phillip Hue Lights

I was very eminent to make purchase on Hue Lights so I did literally bought them and installed them with my lamps. I was amazed with the results turning any colours and very satisfied with them.

In order to install these lights – the box includes three lights bulbs, hue bridge, and a router cable. You must have apple router to really work and it is very simple to install. Then you will actually update a new version of hue lights app on iPhone and you will be on your way to having lights wireless!

Very simple, isn’t it?

I would like to share lights pictures with you and here it goes!






Carolyn Bulsink

Paradise Eye Shadows


I have discovered a new art for my eyes and it is called “Paradise Eye Shadow Art.” I love wearing different designs and being able to indicate and teaching you guys how to use proper brush and colours to create different makeup art. Firstly, looking at a photo and determine what colours and brushes are being used. It doesn’t have to be the same brush every time – getting a good quality brush sets will last longer and taking a good care of brush such as cleaning and leaving it dry overnight. I even use a “Living Clean” Shampoo to wash the brushes – that works the best. You don’t need to purchase a brush cleaner but you could for the best results. I always love the smell of shampoo after I washed my brushes.


Tools used:

Short Smudge Brush
Domed Smudge Brush
Angled Liner
Cream Eye Shadow Brush
Shany Cosmetics Eye Palette

At the beginning, insert primer prior to putting eyeshadows. Apply a yellow eyeshadow on the corner of your eyelids with a domed smudge brush. Continue applying light blue on the middle of eyeshadows and to receive the best results you would have to use a cream eyeshadow brush to mix yellow and light blue to create the most flattering eye colour. Insert the final dark blue eye shadows to the end of the eyelids. Under your eyes, you will be able to apply a bright pink as a eyeliner using angled eye liner brush. Then applying a black eyeliner to pop your eyes into fabulous looking eyes!


On this note I would like to continue teaching you guys to receive the best results and I love sharing & indicate my work with you guys about the art of makeup!

So if you ever have any questions – please don’t hesitate to comment on here and I’ve been meaning to have some discussion forums where we could have chat about the makeup designs and art. Are you all interested?

Have a fabulous day with love!

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Maintaining Your Goals To Success

I was just thinking of the goals I want to achieve and some of the goals I can provide to assist you to finding the key of the success – It can be work, your dream job, vacation, getting off debts, or whatever you wish to get as dream come true.


  • Plan out what you want to achieve and setting a time to do that – most importantly to meet successful people in the same field you are looking to place yourself in. Successful people that have the most experience and if you are so curious about his/her experience do ask them how they got into the field – where they attend college/university and what are the most important to the success.
  • Set a budget – Ask professionals how they set a budget goal and how long are you willing to invest in your success
  • Keep yourself on track where you can stay focussed on the task instead of sleeping in until noon – that isn’t good because time is wasted and you’ll feel your day is wasted as well but this is for anyone who likes to work at night.
  • Meet successful professionals – like electrical/computer/mechanical engineers, doctors, dentists, nurses, lawyers, technicians, and so on to discover what they do on the job.
  • If you plan on going to college – this will always be toughest decision-making and sometimes you would take forever on making choices of what programs you wish to focus. Student loans are not always the greatest choice – but some will work for years in order to save the money for school and sometimes we need some help to get the goal we want. I went to college in 2007 to study engineering and I applied few bursaries to help me pay for the course and for the tutor as well – I was on my way to prepare for computer engineering program but something came up and I had to stop. I tell you that I truly regret for not completing engineering and now I’m back into engineering. I met a friend who is a like electrical engineer and he agreed to assist me to get my feet in the door and I was so happy that I can get engineering field back. I tell you he can be amazing and he kept getting together with me to work on my goals and be able to work in companies.


I know I want to go on tons of places but I’d say I want to go

  • Hawaii
  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Bahamas
  • Cuba

I went on a vacation in Aug 2011 to Netherlands because my family are still living there and if you are curious – I am a Canadian born and one of my sister and brother were born in the Netherlands but my parents decided to move to Canada due to larger farm field – my dad wanted to have a big farm and his parents disliked his decision and they tried to convince him to stay there because they thought Canada was too expensive to live in. But my parents managed to move to Canada. My dad found out some of his neighbours moved here and realized he liked the season here so he went back to Holland telling my mom that they had to move right away after three weeks of visiting his neighbour.  I don’t go to Holland often – I don’t speak their language very well. Holland can be very nice place but the season there are always cold – always rain and sometimes sun.

Pay Off Your Debts

  • If you are loaning from the bank – this depends on how much you borrow and if you choose what amount, what interest rate fits your budget.  For example: If you borrow $500.00 and when the statement states interest rate it will go top of your minimum payment each month so be careful on how much you borrow because the higher borrowing the higher interest rate will be.  Hint: Pay interest rate and the minimum payment at the same time will make the debts go down faster. Change your credit card if you think your credit card interest rate is too high for you to handle – you CAN do that.  You could even get some assistance of saving some money for your goal like a house or a dream vacation.

Stay Focused and balances your time

This is the most important to the success because it will be time consuming and demanding on the road of the success if you want the goal to grow faster – stay focus and concentrate what needs to be completed and I suggest you to create 100 list of attaining goals on paper that way it will assist you and makes the time boost faster. Keep running for your goals and dreams then you will get there faster.

I hope you do enjoy my post and I love helping people with achieving their goals to the success and happy life.

By: Carolyn Bulsink