My Exclusive Interview With Fashion Designer

Here is my exclusive interview with Fashion Designer’s Adria. She is very down on earth individual. I am very delighted to speak with her via email and she is just amazing at what she does in life as a fashion designer. She knew she wanted to be one at a very young age and sew clothes as a child. I’m amazed that she loves slippers and so do I. I liked the idea of keeping my feet warm, even though I should own one. As matter of fact, I never owned or purchased slippers – I am always on the go and always out. I am never in the house so I find myself seeing that she creates slippers and loved the quality of them.




Carolyn: Can you tell me about yourself as a designer, how did you discover yourself into fashion industry?

Adria: I’ve always had a love of fashion! I learned to sew as a child & like to make my own additions to my clothes. I still make little additions to my clothes nowadays.

Technically I started out in the retail industry owning boutique locations. I got my feet wet in 2007 by designing for one of my vendors. It was such a great experience and I was invited to design whenever. Eventually, it became my occupation and I couldn’t have a better one!


Ciccibella’s Wardhouse


Carolyn: How does your clients treat you as a fashion designer?

Adria: I guess I don’t really run around saying I’m a/the designer. I think most are amazed at how hands on I am in so many facets of my business. The designing is by far my favorite part.

When I do talk about my designs I get many compliments. So many times they are duplicated…which is the sincerest form of flattery…I guess.

Carolyn: Your Logo name is so cute and it reminds me of Cinderella, What made you come up with that name Cicciabella?

Adria: Cicciabella is an Italian term of endearment for “pretty little one.” The original owners, the ones I designed for in 2007, are Italian. Such amazing sweet people that I adore!!

Carolyn: What are your favourite fabrics to work on?

Adria: I have to admit I love silk brocades and any lux fabric with just a hint of sparkle!

Of course we use a lot of suede’s and cotton blends for embroidery. Those might actually be my favorites because then it’s our design and nobody can duplicate exactly.

Cicciabella at the Fashion Market

Carolyn: How long does it usually take you to construct a piece of a slipper?

Adria: Well, if I’ve made the drawing, bought the fabric and deliver it to the factory it’s a matter of days (sometimes hours). The entire process can take a while or be fast depending on how fast inspiration hits. Usually it happens pretty fast. I looove that part!

Carolyn: Do you travel and promote your products internationally or just in the single location?

Adria: I travel internationally to make the products but not to sell them.

We are wholesalers so we sell to many boutiques that retail our products. We do have interest overseas in our products but generally sell within the United States primarily due to shipping costs (our warehouse is in the states).

Carolyn: What are some of your favourite clothing stores? Or an online clothing store?

Adria: Mmm. Mmm Mmm! I’m a huge sucker for Robert Rodriquez clothing. I don’t suggest you look right now because it will hurt your wallet like it does mine! 😉

Carolyn: Where do you like to shop to purchase fashion patterns?

Adria: There are several favorite fabric markets that I go to in Shanghai. I typically travel there twice a year and spend many days perusing ALL the fabrics.

Carolyn: Are you going to promote different products in the future than just slippers itself?

Adria: Cicciabella has eye masks, bags, socks and some other items. For sure our main item is indoor/outdoor slippers. I’m sure we will venture to try new things as we are struck by inspiration.

You can check Adria’s work at and you could even shop online on her website!

By: Carolyn Bulsink




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