Fashion Homes & Tips

surfed around the internet of “dream home” and found some of interesting designs. If you ever dreamed of owning a beautiful home, here are the tips you could benefit from:

  • Plan an investment for a mortgage downpayment of $10,000.00 or $20,000.00 and if you do that you could also pay that monthly, semi-monthly or bi-weekly and the more you pay the lower mortgage will be each month.
  • Invest for a lawyer which can protect you from any error information sellers offer. I recommend you to invest about $5,000 for one to be prepared without a shock payment.
  • Invest about $5,000 – $10,000 for furnitures and appliances.
  • If you are wanting to build a new home, it can be very costly because if you want to do a custom home you will want to invest an extra money to pay for the interior designer to design your whole home.
  • Most people would search for older home already upgraded and that they won’t have to pay for extra cost. You can also turn your home into something fabulous and save a bit more of money.
  • Always research on what kind and affordable homes you want to visit and ensure availability of “Open House” so you can see if you like the place. 

Here are some interesting pictures for home fashion and I really would love to have this house!


Beautiful Bedroom filled with relaxing atmosphere 




A Shoe Bath Tub



Colourful Restroom



Purpled colour in Kitchen


By: Carolyn Bulsink


Laugh So Hard, You Cry Handwritten Song and Video

Here are the handwritten and songs for you to listen and read for you


You can watch this video to listen:

Laugh So Hard You Cry


time will take the time it does 

earth will grow new trees because 

life’s all about picking up when it gets tough 

and I wish I’d seen when he made his move 

but then I would not be strumming this groove 

giving myself hope between the lines 

it’s all I can do 


laugh so hard you cry 

can’t tell anyone why 

its hopeless, fleeting, self-defeating but you try, try, try, try, try 

and it’s just another day 

and it’s my heart anyway 

I won’t give up, it’s do or die 

laugh so hard you cry, cry, cry, cry 


life goes round with or without 

all the things we care about 

maybe there’s really nothing to figure out 

I hope this all starts making sense 

we’re all guilty of some false pretense 

but I will come to your defense 

that’s all I can do 


you give, give, give your love 

away, way, way for all your 

days, days, days but you don’t know 


if things will 

stay, stay, stay ‘til you turn 

gray, gray, gray and all that’s 

left, left of your heart is ashes and stone 


laugh so hard you cry 

can’t tell anyone why 

its hopeless, fleeting, self-defeating but you try, try, try, try, try 

and it’s just another day 

and it’s your heart anyway 

so don’t give up, it’s do or die 

laugh so hard you cry, cry, cry, cry 


cry, cry, cry away your 

tears, tears, tears ‘til all your 

fears, fears, fears have come and gone 


and you can 

say, say, say that come what 

may, may, may it will 

be okay, okay when all is said and done 






All About New York City ‘s Singer Natalie Gelman

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce you to Singer Natalie Gelman. She is a very talented singer and loved one of her songs “Laugh So Hard, You Cry” melted my heart and it reminds me of an extreme love. I’m going to provide one of her song for you all to listen/read her song “Laugh So Hard, You Cry”


 I have also interviewed her and she is extremely down to earth, and very friendly when I chat with her so you can see my interview below:

So you are originally from NYC and when did you create your first debut?

I am, born and raised, which everyone always says is rare. My first album came out in 2006 – it was self-titled and features 9 songs. It was recorded with friends over about half a year.

which lyrics are most popular that fans love?

That’s so hard to say. I have people request songs that were on the releases I put out before my debut – some of the first songs I ever wrote. I see flaws in them but I think there’s something to be said for the purity of them that connects with people. On my new record, Most the While has a lot of lyrics people gravitate to as well as Long Stemmed Roses. Both of those are about an inner strength in an experience of love that is not always perfect or healthy but more real. I think the new songs I’m writing are really connecting too. There’s a song called Some People and another called The Answer that are simple and honest. Lyrics are so important to me and I work really hard on them – making sure I’m being clear and saying exactly what I mean to. It seems to be working on these new ones because people have been asking about them at my live shows. 

There are two lyrics that I love “Laugh So Hard You Cry” and Most The While”, Can you describe what these lyrics express about?

Thank you! I was really excited about both of those when I wrote them. Laugh So Hard You Cry, is about life… the ups and downs and self-commitment to keep doing whatever it takes to live a full life. I think as we go through life and get our hearts broken – by lovers, our families or even ourselves as dreams or expectations fall short – we get chips on our shoulders and broken hearts that prevent us from going back at it with an open heart the next day so we don’t have to go through it again and be hurt. But you have to keep open to possibilities – closing your self off to experiences in life is self-sabotage. Some of the lyrics I’m most proud of in all my work are in that song: “Life goes round with or without all the things we care about, maybe there’s really nothing to figure out.” Both bridges have some powerful lyrics about that point too with lyric repetition driving it home in the song: “Give your love away for all your days but you don’t know if things will stay ‘til you turn grey and all that’s left of your heart is ashes and stone” and “Cry away your tears ‘til all your fears have come and gone and you can say it will be okay when all is said and done”  As you can see I’m great at writing run-on sentences… I like how it leaves the lyric more open to interpretation for whatever the listener needs it to be. I wrote Most the While about how I sometimes feel on the road and doing what I do. It’s extremely fulfilling most days and I can’t imagine doing anything else but it’s made for some serious isolation and over the years I’ve become even more independent then I was growing up which I’m not always sure is a good thing.  I wrote that song completely as therapy and cried for hours writing it… I was in a strange place in a relationship I was in at the time too – starting to wonder if it was really going where I had originally thought it was. I think that found it’s way into the song in a way as I look back now. So many people think it’s just a love song and maybe in a way it was or maybe that’s just what then need it to be. I dedicate Most the While at a lot of my shows to anyone doing something against the grain. It’s not always popular and you don’t always have the support of family to do the right thing because they aren’t sure what you’re doing and it challenges their way of life and their identity. That clouded my judgment while also deepening my dependence on things I wasn’t sure were healthy for me anymore. When I had a sudden awareness of the rose colored glasses… I wrote Most the While. I think it’s my peace with my dependence on the vice of my art and what I’ve chosen to do with my life for better or worse.

How many time have you gone on the tour around the world? 

I’m constantly touring – been playing shows since the early 2000’s and a fulltime musician which really means fulltime touring musician since 2009. I haven’t done many shows abroad – when I have they have always been part of my travels or study abroad. I’m actually planning my first real overseas tour for next year and hoping to branch into Canada and Mexico soon too.

What do you literally see yourself in 5 years?

I actually try not to think that far ahead anymore. I’ve always been so future focused and goal oriented and I’m trying to do something different.  Still, I’m working really hard day to day and always enjoy looking back and seeing how far I’ve come in even just a few months to a year. I would love to be touring still and have songs out that people really love. I would like to get some other people singing my songs too and of course having grown up in NYC it’s one of my dreams to play Madison Square Garden one day!

Who is your favourite musician/singer?

I have a few. My favorite is Patty Griffin. She is a very under-appreciated artist and songwriter. Paulo Nutuni and Bruno Mars are other favorites. It’s a dream of mine to cowrite a song with any of them.


Where are your favourite spot to sing? Indoor or outdoor? 

I love playing House of Blues venues – always really nice to work with the team at those venues. They have a great vibe going with the folk art and atmosphere they create. I’ve done some backstage videos at them that are up on Youtube. Besides that traditional venue my favorite place to sing lately is actually a house concert. It’s such a nice way to connect with people and share songs in an intimate setting.

On the appearance on any festivals, What song did you sing for many fans?

The most people I’ve sung in front of has been the National Anthem in front of about 17,000 people. I grew up singing opera and classical music which I performed at Carnegie Hall in NYC – I’m not sure how many that famous venue seats but it was a packed house and I had a solo with my choir there at age 12 and again 16. For my own music I think the most people I’ve performed in front of at any given time is 1200.

There are millions of people watching/listening to your music and wanting to be like you, what do you advise them to do?

That’s really flattering. I think the best advice I have is to do your best everyday and not be your own enemy. We get in our own way a lot, especially creative times. I’m guilty of this myself! Even by taking on more then I can do well I’m setting myself up to feel bad when I can’t get to ‘complete’. If you are choosing to be an artist or do something creative in life I think it’s really important to find some kind of support system and develop a way of getting past the critics and useless advice. I don’t have a thick skin but I have a way of wrapping my head around most critiques and thoughtless comments so I can just move on and get on with the next thing. I listen to see if there is some validity or if I’ve heard something like that before and decide if I want to act on it or put that comment in the back of my mind as something I may want to work on. Most of the time critiques are thoughtless and about the critic and their audience – not you and your art. So, even if it’s hurt my feelings I’ve learned to think through it by asking myself if it’s really going to matter in a while or change what I’m doing. If the answer is no, that won’t matter in 5 years, months, weeks or days then it’s not even worth 5 minutes of my time to worry about it.

Thank you Natalie for taking your time and your consideration to answer all!  We will leave you with an video and lyrics on my next post and enjoy yourself!

By: Carolyn Bulsink


Television Reviews & Interviews On Television Blue

Hi Fellas,

I just wanted to keep you in the loop of whats going on and I will be writing for Television Blue on television reviews and posting my interviews on there in case if you missed my interviews with stars on here and you can discuss those reviews with us on the forum provided on I will still be writing on Carolyn’s Entertainment Blog as I won’t be leaving you guys out. This is a tremendous move for me because I love writing and improve my writing skills. The title will be Carolyn’s Stars and I’m really excited to keep you updated with whats going on with celebrities characters on the show and this will be so much fun discussing with you!

We will be covering popular shows:

  • Seed
  • Walking Dead
  • Survivors
  • Game Of Throne
  • Interviews on Carolyn’s Stars

Just let us know if there are certain shows you’d like to talk about. Please don’t hesitate to email me at for more information.

By: Carolyn Bulsink


Professional Royale Hair Products




One of you may not heard of “Royale” products – it stands for hair straightening, curling irons, and blow dry hair products. The hair care also include shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, and styling protection for your hair. Hair products has less chemicals and keeps your hair healthy. I have to say that I am a big fan of Royale because of the products they offer protects hair damage. Prior to using those iron products – my hair were severely dry, and damaged due to poor results I had with the products which I purchased from the store. I was like “What am I going to do with my hair since they are severely damaged” and nothing seems to make my hair feel better so one day I was surfing around at the mall and one of the salesperson who promotes Royale products had mentioned that their products were excellent and popular with better technology. I was impressed with the results these products has so I started using their products and was very satisfied with what I have and not to mention after a month of using the products with a better results for my hair in fact it became softer and healthier appearance.

I loved how my hair blow dry which create the fast-drying product and I never have to worry about rushing and no time to blow dry for hours and hours like I used to. With the curling iron, remember with the old technology the product has a clip which holds your hair in place for a perfect curl and now with a better technology they removed a clip from the irons which is best for your hair. Royale products always include one glove in the box for you to wear while you can style your hair so you won’t burn your hand or your finger whatsoever.

There is a picture of my hair and my straightening iron so that you can see. Also you can check those products on to view more products on there and I’m sure you will love them as much as I do.

By: Carolyn Bulsink

Pink Like A Rose Eye Makeup

Hi Everyone,





I just wanted to share this beautiful picture of “Pink Like A Rose” eyeshadow because I thought you may want to try this on your own — most importantly to be elegant and creative. It is very challenging for me because there are no instructions for this type of eyeshadow, I always try to determine proper brush to use and yes there are few different eyeshadow brushes that you can use to create most refreshing look to match the makeup photo. I would suggest you to google “makeup” and look whatever comes up on there and you just have to determine if this look will match on you then go from there. The more practice you do the more you succeed in make up artistry and it had helped me practice and now I’m more expert in makeup artistry. Remember to get yourself better quality brushes because the proper brushes will help create same look as models but high quality can be expensive and I’d like to include Shany Cosmetics has the most high quality and well-pigmented makeup products anyone can ask for. I use Shany Cosmetics and I really love how well colours turned out for my eyes and I am a big fan of Shany Cosmetics so you can check them out at and prices are very reasonable!

You can find Shany Cosmetics on twitter as well @ShanyCosmetics and they are awesome peeps!

By: Carolyn Bulsink