Funky Gold & Green Makeup

I get up in the morning and start to think what clothes to wear that can go along with the makeup and I thought “Oh I should research some makeup tips from the internet without any instructions required – in my own creation” I went ahead and found matching makeup for my nails and I go on my own ideas and what brush I should use in my own concept. I am amazed with the results after finished look and the makeup looks exact the same as the internet picture. It is obvious that I use my secret tips to create the most refreshing look and feel so good about yourself. You could possibly use your own concept to create whatever makeup you wish to look – all you have to do is just look at the picture, consider what brush you should use but a few brushes will do the trick – my advice is to study all the brushes and what it is for. Always find high quality brushes from any professional salon or any cosmetic stores provided for makeup artist but sometimes companies require to indicate whether you are licensed or not. It actually doesn’t hurt to visit to look around and Sephora has the more brushes you can get. People always say practice makes perfect! In this picture, I have matching makeup along with my nail polish! 

By: Carolyn BulsinkImage

9 thoughts on “Funky Gold & Green Makeup

      1. Yes I own good brushes & things but I dont think I could pull green eyeshadows off.. esp when I have green eyes z

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