Trendy Tuesday: Dresses To Go With Your Makeup

Here are some pictures of the dresses that can go with your makeup. Initially, it is always better to have your dresses matching up with your make up because it is well-blended.  I want to share some of my make up pictures so I could indicate what looks great with the dresses.

Carolyn’s smokey eye make up looks well with the grey strapless dress and a low cut silver sequinned dress with high sheer side slit.

Image    Image

One shoulder candy red dress with ruches side swipe and sexy high slit along with my other smokey eye make up.


Purple low cut halter dress with sequinned bodice and chiffon layered ruffles would look amazing along with a lavender eye makeup



Chorale and teal strapless mermaid gowns with sequinned fitted bodice and chiffon base.  These dresses looks great with a salmon-pink eye make up.



Enjoy peeps!

By: Carolyn Bulsink





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