Interview With Fashion Company – THE STYLEKICK!


Hi There,

I came up with an idea of interviewing Stylekick so I got in touch with Natalie Gray (The Founder of Stylekick company) She was very thrilled to be interviewed by me and I was so happy to be able to interview her about her company.

Here is my interview with Natalie Gray below:

Natalie, Tell me a bit about yourself?

I went to Queen’s University where I studied commerce and math. Prior to SK I was working and living in New York City. Worked for Russell Simmons in house marketing agency mostly with his fashion brands. When I returned to Canada I joined karma and other co-founders when they decided to move  SK beyond a project and got into a real business.


When was this Stylekick founded? Can you tell me a bit about this industry?

We have been full time since in the early 2013 where we were part of the jolt accelerator within MaRSDD. Fashion tech is a growing industry with many new startup doing interesting things but the fashion industry itself is one that hasn’t seen much technology innovations so it is definitely interesting working on a start up like SK that marries these to industries.

What made you decide to discover this fashion business?

In my third year at Queen’s I had done an internship with Russell in NYC and when i moved to NYC following my undergrad to attend NYU they hired me for a full time job. It wasn’t an industry I planned  on entering but I definitely fell in love with people and unique challenges in presents from a business perspective.


So you didn’t take their offer and decided to move to Canada  to set up your own industry?

I was with them for a little over a year. It was really fast paced and exciting but I decided to come back to Canada to pursue a second degree in math. The marketing statistics courses really peaked my interests at NYU and I decided I wanted to do something more  quant

So are you a designer?

Unfortunately, No. I’ve tried sewing class but it is not my strong point, I have dabbed in website design but not clothes

This is very interesting and what kind of web design do you do?

Very simple things. Our first mock design of the site I designed and did the HTML and CSS but we’ve since moved on and now have an in house designer that is just wildly talented and has created a very beautiful new version of both the site and app. We released all the new changes and the site last week and the app will be coming out next week.

What does fashion industry mean to you?

I love fashion because it is about change. It is constantly envolving and changing to be a better version of itself. Traditionally, It is an innovation has come through design and art so it is cool to be working on SK where we are trying to change and better the industry through technology.


What are your favourite website design at Stylekick?

Well, I love the new app screens but i think my absolute favourite is our new landing page. The wallpaper of the page is a video instead of just a single static image. I think it really sets the stage for what we are about – it is also super slick ha!

As a founder, what skills are more important ability we should have in this industry?

Probably the willingness and openness to learn the experiment. There are so many things I’ve learned while doing SK that I’ve never thought I would be coming out of school. It is also important that a founder especially in the early stage of his or her business is able to maintain a certain level of control in where the business so going. The less you do yourself or the less you understand of about what is being done the more easily the vision and direction can getaway from you. Also technology is constantly getting better as is competition so it is important to stay sharp and ahead of the curve.


How do you prepare for a fashion photo shoot or is there a designer here that does work with models?

We are technology company at our core. We don’t actually do photo shoot or work with models. The photographs are on our app are really people – mostly bloggers – uploading their outfits to share with a broader community. The clothes we have on the site are aggregated from online brands.

Wow! This sounds amazing so we just download app from our phones?

Yup, it is available on iPhone ( Stylekick: fashion inspiration). Anyone can download, browns, share and upload. We’ve had an amazing reception so far. It is great to have people coming back daily looking at 100 outfits and liking what they see.

What are your favourite fashion websites, magazines or books?

I have so many!! I love vogue, Elle, and all the big glossy print books. But I mostly love browsing the blogs and creations of the stylists and simply fashion enthusiasts whom we connect with on our social networks. We get to meet so many interesting people all with super unique tastes.

Where can audiences discover about you and your work?

Follow Stylekick on twitter @Stylekicks. Our main website is or you can download the app from the iTunes Store. Our fashion inspiration blog is and we recently released a content blog at My personal twitter is @natalieevagray – tweet me and I’ll always answer 🙂

Thank you for the opportunity to interview you in person  and it is very generous of you!

By: Carolyn Bulsink